Other interesting things

Here is some more information you may find interesting. We are an Agfa house, having invested in two Agfa thermal CTP systems, so we have back-up. We have invested well in excess of £300k to ensure we are well ahead of the technical game. Our Apogee PrePress v7 software is also state-of-the-art allowing file testing on the move. We can process direct from PDF, Quark, InDesign, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other file types.

We normally run the production site until 8pm, but can supply out of hours if you require.

Agfa Acento IIs B2 Agfa Avalon B1
agfa Acento IIs B2 agfa Acento IIs B2
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How to contact us
Production office: 0208 325 4444
Sales Enquiries: 0208 325 4444
E-mail: sales@willows.co.uk
Artwork e-mail: jobs@ctp4u.com
International House
Cray Avenue
Kent BR5 3RS