Repro House Platemaker Producing Metal Printing CTP Plates, Litho Printer Plates and Image Setting Film.

Willows are experts in the production of ready-to-use metal printing plates directly from the files you supply. With two platesetters we are able to produce 40+ B2 plates or an incredible 70+ B3 plates each HOUR!

We are here to make the world of ready-to-print metal plate and litho film production easier, quicker and MUCH cheaper, and as the wise man said "Saving money is the same as making money, just easier"

We haven't gone mad on a designer website, making all sorts of false promises, we'd rather invest our money in to state-of-the-art equipment and software, and with what's left we are going to give you free* plates to the tune of £120!

Willows has been producing ready-to-use metal printing plates directly from the files you supply since 2002 and have always kept up with the technological advances on offer, giving you the very best service and quality.

Willows already has more than 150 clients nationwide and with our speed of turnaround, technical know-how, next morning delivery and most importantly, incredible value for money, we are getting new customers every day. This is through word of mouth and consistent high quality delivery. Capacity is no issue with our plant scalability and fully maintained equipment. We offer all customers, large and small, the same level of service - we are here to provide the best possible deal on CTP plates, litho printer plates and image setting film to everyone.

It's very simple, you send us the artwork, Willows produce the highest quality metal CTP plates, litho printer plates and image setting film, any size up to and including B1, send them to you for next day delivery - job done! We deal with all types of files and our prices include imposition and a ripped and trapped content proof with each plate job.

NEXT DAY DELIVERY IS GUARANTEED FOR JUST £5.95. (Other delivery options are available)

As a new customer you will get the first £120 of work for FREE*. There is NO RISK. You just need to use up the £120 within 30 days. *There are exceptions to this offer! And you have to ask for the discount!!

Some example prices, that we know can't be beaten. We can make plates in ALL sizes and in ANY volumes - just ask!

4-colour sets including imposition and ripped & trapped content proof
Higher volume discounts can apply please e-mail or call for details.

For spot/single colour prices, please call.
GTO46 450 x 370 £45.00
QM46 505 x 340 £45.00
GTO52 510 x 400 £45.00
MO 650 x 550 £56.00
Komori 670 x 560 £60.00
SM74 745 x 605 £65.00
B1 1030 x 790 £80.00
Film costs (from PDF) A5 = £5.75, A4 = £6.50, A3 = £9.50, A2 = £13.75, Oversize £17.75
If film run from native software or requiring imposition A5 = £6.75, A4 = £7.75, A3 = £11.50, A2 = £17.75, Oversize = £21.75

£120 of free* plates for new customers and we send sweets with each order!

Free Sweets with all CTP Plates, Litho Printer Plates and Image Setting Film first orders

The only CTP and film bureau to give away free plates and sweets with every job! Just give us a call and send us a job over, and you get the first £120 worth of work for FREE*. No gimmicks here - just £120 of free* plates!

How to contact us
Production office: 0208 325 4444
Sales Enquiries: 0208 325 4444
Artwork e-mail:

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